Features of «Multi CMS - Dating script»

When accessed from desktop or mobile browsers, your site may offer all kinds of features necessary for dating website and beyond. Non-essential features are optional, so make your own unique combination of online dating website!

«Multi CMS» - really multi

The main advantage of «Multi CMS» - Unified management system of fleet of sites. With «Multi CMS» you can manage as many different sites as you wish. You can manage with same admin panel - corporate web sites, dating sites, model agency sites, online magazines, e-commerce and other websites. You can join up different domains as separated project or as part of any other site. Each domain can be settuped with own template, pages and content. Any user joined to any of your project can use same username, email and password as universal and not need to submit registration second time. Its very comfortable for web design studios and small business who have some more then one site.

User interface features

A wide set of features lets users use your site fast and easy

Administrator interface features

A wide set of features lets the site owner edit, moderate and add different types of content

Profile photos sharing

Beautiful profile photos view with profile details – everything to minimize the page load time and let your visitors enjoy more photos during surfing your site.

Google maps for location

Your users can enter city name and it will be translated into Google Maps data points. Google Maps provides unmatched accuracy and always up-to-date location data.


Easily organize advertisement banner rotation on your website.

Membership level management

You can have any variations of premium (paid) membership on your site. Whatever makes sense for your niche and business model.

Pre moderation of profiles and photos

Easy and quick user profile and photos approval – everything to let you guide your members community more efficiently.
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